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Redemption Cemetery – Curse of the Raven

It’s 2010, a whole eight years ago, and the game industry is a primitive thing… well, the HOPA part of it is. Back then the games were still called HOG (Hidden Object Game) and were despised by the gaming community. Casual, they said. Easy, they said. Casual? Easy? My ***!

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The Unseen Fears – Body Thief

In the HOPA industry there are two kinds of studios. Either you make a gazillion games per year or nobody remembers you. Last week I took a peek at a game by Vendel and today we’re taking a look at another lesser known studio: GrandMA.

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Secrets of Great Queens – Old Tower

Something something, old secrets, blah blah, old queens, humdeedum, exciting intro blurb, continuing with the somethings, apologies for hiatus, more blahing. I just can’t come up with an interesting blurb. Maybe I’ll replace this, maybe I won’t. You can still read the review!

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