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Haunted Hotel 5: Eclipse

It’s with a sense of nervousness that I return to the blog after a long hiatus. Partly because I haven’t written anything here in a good, long while. But also because I have to pick up with a series where I left on a high note. And now it’s in the hands of another developer.

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Spirits of Mystery – The Dark Minotaur

I wasn’t going to review this game. Then something happened… no, actually, nothing happened. Up until right now when I started writing this, I was unsure whether I was going to review it or not. But then I realized… I don’t speak enough about mediocre HOPA.

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League of Light – Dark Omens

I’m back from Madrid and we’re leaping head first into a new series of HOPA from Mariaglorum that really has me drooling for more. Fairy tale-based HOPAs are nothing new, might even call them dime a dozen, but it’s rare that I find one that more or less crafts its own fairy tale.

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