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Dangerous Games – Prisoners of Destiny

You’d think something like Dangerous Games would be a name for a game studio and not a franchise (does two games make a franchise?) but Blam! Games does things their own way! Blam! You’ve been played… ’cause we’re talking about games so… you know, you play games… it’s a joke.

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Weird Park: The Final Show

Alawar is, in many senses, the second of the big HOPA movers, Big Fish obviously being the biggest but with both retail and development on their own end, Alawar probably clocks in as a distant second. But they’ve never really been a big part of my hobby as I get what I need from Big Fish Games and faster to boot, most of the time, so what little interaction I’ve had with them is through their own developed games such as today’s game Weird Park: The Final Show.

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Myths of the World: Of Fiends and Fairies

Reviewing an Eipix game is always an event because it can go one of two ways. Either I find the game appallingly mediocre or a raging success. Sure, there’s been the odd outlier that fails to fit into my neat categories but for the most part, I tend to be either hugely impressed or massively disappointed. And it doesn’t just vary from franchise to franchise, even within franchises I find them wildly inconsistent. So… the fourth in the Myths of the World franchise, any good?

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Final Cut: Homage

I often question myself as a reviewer. Or critic. Whichever you prefer. It’s partly because when I look at other reviewers, they tend to have pretty different opinions than me. And while it’s easy to chalk that up to them simply being soulless corporate dogs, it’s hard to not also think: Or am I just wrong? Am I being too harsh? Well, this time around I review an Eipix game and take a long, look hard at myself and how I review.

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