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Summer 2016 – Personal Update

Alright, so as that one steady reader I have may have noticed, my blog posts stopped coming a while back and there’s a very good reason for that. Actually, no there isn’t but I’d like to think that there is.

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I’m back!

I apologize for being so late with posting. As I reported a while back, my computer broke. Ironically it was in the middle of me rendering a video that would announce my return to Youtube in a small capacity and all my hard work on that video (it wasn’t much) is now gone in the wind.

The computer breaking basically means I lost everything. I was working on a review of Nevertales: The Beauty Within but all screenshots and such are now gone and it’s been far too long since I played it to give it a fair shake unless I were to replay it which… I’m not about to do. Sorry. Great game, check it out, Mad Head Games deserve all the cred and love they can get.

Hopefully I’ll be able to review another of their games soon.

I’ve also decided to scrap the anime reviews I was working on as they too are simply too faded to remember accurately anymore and thus I don’t feel comfortable reviewing something a month old in my head. My recollection of Wolverine (the anime) was already pretty old when I started the review as I had watched it in chunks over a one year period so that decision was a pretty simple one to make.
The second review I was working on was for Gantz and while fresher in my mind, having watched the entire series in a day or two very recently, I’ve since started reading the manga and seen the two live action movies which at this point would have started to meld into one.

Simply put, I want to give the best review possible, both for my readers’ sake and the product in question. Had I been further along in the review process, I would’ve tried to finish it either way, I’ve done so in the past, but I hadn’t finished putting my thoughts in black on white yet so it would’ve required extensive backtracking to get back on the right path and I’m the kind of person who would much rather go forward.

But my thoughts in a nutshell were:

Wolverine: Fun little romp with a somewhat odd take on a well known character. Much better than its predecessor, Iron Man, but at times the animation was very lackluster and it suffered from poor pacing and uninteresting side characters. It was also a bit too Japanese even for Wolverine’s best. Not entirely unpleasant but nothing I’m gonna rewatch.

Gantz: Very good anime based on a very good manga. Follows the plot pretty much down to the letter for most of it. Has some very good action scenes and characterization but completely stumbles at the finish line and never finishes the race. As I’m now reading the manga, the last and finishing arc is an entirely original creation meant to tie everything up before the series ended prematurely. Which is a shame, there was a lot of potential here, it took a lot of risks and it would’ve been fun to see it come to fruition but oh well. Worth a watch but maybe not watch the last part.

So what’s to come instead? Well, now that I have my computer back it’s time to get back to playing a bunch of HOPA. Doubt I’ll have another Casual Friday out in a week but hopefully I’ll be ready with another one around Christmas. I also have a big review project currently underway that I started while computerless. It involves Asia and drama and spies. Yes, it’s a big one. I’m also gonna try to get back on Youtube as I mentioned before but I have some rebuilding to do on my computer before I can get back to that. I’m lacking a lot of programs so first I need to install all of that again and make sure it’s working like it should. Then we’ll see when I have it up.

But I guess that covers it for now. I hope you look forward to more stuff from me very soon!

Computer troubles

Nothing fancy today, just a quick personal update on my current status: I’ve been reduced to a caveman. My computer broke two days ago and today I sent it off for repair… in Germany, it seems. And since that was my main tool for writing, it’s gonna be weeks until I get anything written again. Not that I can play or watch movies or anything so… not much to write about. Guess I’ll just have to read a lot.

A quick blog update!

I put this under the personal category but it really kind of it isn’t. No, this is just a quick little update to make my few steady readers aware that I now have a custom URL. That might not mean a lot to some of you and that’s okay, but it means a fair bit to me.

Before when you accessed my site you did it through That was actually an old blog I created years and years and years ago and never did much with. It was intended as an umbrella site for all the stuff I made; movie review, game review and the occasional Let’s Play. It never really materialized as I fell out of love with Youtube during a particularly low time in my life an I never got back around to pick it up.

When I returned to writing on my blog, oh, two years ago now or something, I simply picked the old one I had already created and refurbished it, as it were. To fit my new needs. I never really intended for this to be anything but a quick outlet for me to write. But recently I’ve been thinking the site is worth more of my attention and it was perhaps time to invest a little bit more in it. The price wasn’t terribly high and it felt like the most natural step to take. One could say I kicked it up a notch on the “taking it seriously” scale.

So from now on my URL is I’ll be honest, it was my second choice as the first was taken but that’s okay, although a bit long it’s pretty much just my blog title so it fits.

What does this mean for you, the reader? Well, not much, really. If you were already subscribed then you’ll receive the updates just as normal. The old link still works, it simply redirects you to my new URL and as far as I know, all old links still work as well if you have them bookmarked somewhere. So for you, the biggest difference is merely cosmetic.

For me, however, it’s cosmetic and also a chance to become slightly bigger in terms of exposure. Unique URLs show up higher in Google search results if your site is indexed properly and people in general take you more seriously.

I’ve found that I enjoy this writing more than I thought I would and though I’ve ended up in areas I didn’t expect, reviewing and critiquing HOPA, it’s none the less been a fun journey so far and I hope it’ll be even more fun down the line.

Look forward to an expanded range of topics over the next few months as I continue celebrating all things nerdy.

A quick yet personal update

So my post for Kamen Rider Fourze has been significantly delayed, as you might have noticed. And for that, I apologize. If you’re a fan of my work then you might have been excited to read more of it or perhaps just to kill some time. Either way, I promised an update that never came. Now, this is not entirely uncommon with me BUT this time I actually have a good excuse.

You see, almost exactly one month ago, my dad fell gravely ill. I was there when it happened, he woke up in the middle of the night with extreme chest pains and when it didn’t get better and his leg started going numb, the decision was made to call an ambulance. As it turns out, that was the right choice as major blood vessels had ruptured in his chest and he was rushed into surgery. They ended up having to replace quite a lot of veins and similar, plus one heart valve so I’m glad we got him in when we did.

They induced a coma through drugs to keep him stable and give his heart the best situation to heal. Although we were still scared, we were hopeful and pretty much just waiting for him to wake up so we could all go back to our daily, boring routines.

That was not to be, however.

It was discovered that during the surgery he had suffered brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. Shutting off the blood circulation was a necessary step to save his life and normally patients do just fine. Unfortunately, dad was one of those damned exceptions that prove the rule so there we were, told our dad was brain damaged but there was no way of telling how bad it would be. We knew the extent to some degree, what areas were damaged and so on. But it’s a tough thing to be told, that someone you love is hurt badly but you won’t know how badly for a long, long while.

So that was our situation for the longest time. Not knowing.

But they brought him out of his coma two weeks back or so and he started on the road of recovery. And as it turns out, he’s actually pretty okay. Our worst fears definitely didn’t come to pass and he’s even exceeded some of our most positive expectations already. He can see, he can talk and movement is slowly but surely returning to both sides. There are some issues, problems with his memory and he can’t read but that’s minor things, things that either comes back or can be trained back.

So with that weight off my chest, I feel my life returning to something resembling normal. So, with a bit of a push from me, I should have that Fourze post out in just a little while!