About me

This is as obvious as it gets. It’s a page about me, That Swedish Guy, or as you know me, that guy who reviews a bunch of HOGs and every now and then posts something outrageous from Japan. I’m not a nerd, I am a geek. And in my geekiness I find comfort. I make no attempt to conform to the natural order of life or society.

Born in the eighties, I’m mostly a child of the nineties but thanks to my dad my upbringing included lots of stuff from the olden days. I love both new and old and I thrive in my own little world. I studied game design at university, something that has now taken me to the top of the world, aka Quality Assurance, at the moment for EA but you never know where I might end up next.

I used to have my own channel on Youtube where I reviewed movies and arcade games but that fell to the wayside after some personal problems set my mood back to that of a teenager. Though I have every intention of returning to it sooner or later, it’ll wait until I’m in a stable enough situation. Then we’ll see what form they’ll take again.

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