Monthly Archives: August 2016

Surface: Game of Gods

Once upon a time, Surface was at the forefront of what HOPA could do. Hell, together with Mystery Trackers and Grim Tales, Elephant Games was one of the leading forces in deciding the trends of HOPA. But it’s hard to deny that they’ve gradually falling to the side in growing opposition from studios like Mariaglorium, Mad Head and, of course, Eipix. And Game of Gods is a perfect example of how they’re consistently missing the mark.

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Weird Park: The Final Show

Alawar is, in many senses, the second of the big HOPA movers, Big Fish obviously being the biggest but with both retail and development on their own end, Alawar probably clocks in as a distant second. But they’ve never really been a big part of my hobby as I get what I need from Big Fish Games and faster to boot, most of the time, so what little interaction I’ve had with them is through their own developed games such as today’s game Weird Park: The Final Show.

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