Summer 2016 – Personal Update

Alright, so as that one steady reader I have may have noticed, my blog posts stopped coming a while back and there’s a very good reason for that. Actually, no there isn’t but I’d like to think that there is.

Last summer I went to Spain to work for Electronic Arts. Yes, that big game company that even a lot of non-gamers know about simply because they’re huge and make millions every year and pisses people off on a regular basis, whether warranted or not. I was there for about two months and then I went back home.

I didn’t really have the time nor the energy to uphold my then posting standard which consisted of tearing Eipix games apart and being smug about it. And a whole lot of words. In an effort to keep up I implemented a few changes once I got back home, such as Casual Fridays where I bundled together a bunch of reviews in a single post and simply not reviewing games as extensively, meaning I could review a lot more games a lot faster.

However, even though my number of posts went up, I was unhappy with the quality and I slowly started losing interest. Plus many of my other interests fell to the wayside. I still haven’t finished my Kamen Rider Wizard thoughts and it’s been ages since I even mentioned or watched Doctor Who. And it’s not like I don’t want to review HOPA either, I really do, but the pace with which these games are released and a feeling of needing to catch up have really worn me out.

So, what’s going on? Well, two things. This change would’ve come about sooner or later, it’s just that there was a very suitable opportunity for me to change things around. As of yesterday (May 7th) I now reside in Spain. Just like last year, I’m down here working for Electronic Arts, or EA for short, but this time a lot longer than before. Well, roughly twice as long, four and about half a month, to the end of September. This alone will cut down on the time I have to do things such as play HOPA and watch anime so for that reason alone the posts will slow down.

The second thing that’s happening is that I’m cutting down on the HOPA review and discontinuing the Casual Fridays from now on. It might return, it might not or it might return in a completely different format, who knows, the future is vague in this regard. My interest in writing them is low and I felt, towards the end here, that I was doing it for sake’s doing and not because I felt it was necessary. They received very little traffic and weren’t really worth much to anyone. But HOPA reviews in general will be down in numbers and I’ll try to go back to a more in depth review format.

And only for games that manages to catch my interest for whatever reason. This bit is really important.

Instead I’ll be trying to get back into reviewing tokusatsu stuff and Doctor Who. I was listening to a few audio plays on my plane ride over and I was really into it so I’ll try and watch the series a bit more. But also try to talk more about the audio plays themselves as they interest me a fair deal.

So in short, less but (hopefully) more interesting HOPA material and more… other stuff. I’ll try to keep it to one post a week but even that might be hard because… well, I’ve got shit to do and people to hang out with again. So for those of you waiting for a fun blog post about HOPA, you might have to wait a while. I’ll also no longer keep a strict schedule, meaning some weeks you might have two or three posts and the next none at all. I find that I simply write better that way.

So that’s it for now. I’ll start writing more stuff soon, promise, and we’ll see what happens once my contract is up and I’m back in Sweden. Until next post, take care of each other and have a merry time!

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