Hey, how do you use this thing? What’s that ove- oh shit!


So I suppose I should start using this thing that I parked about a year ago. One of those spur of the moment things when I was forced to create a blog for my school. And I thought “Hey, isn’t there something else I was supposed to do!” But then I couldn’t figure out what that was so I decided to return to this thing here, instead.

So what’s up? Why haven’t I been keeping my end of the bargain when it comes to my videos? Well, there’s a few reasons and I’m not going to bullshit. Part of me lost interest. Not because of you guys, don’t ever think that. I just entered a phase in my life where I the energy I would have to put into the videos was greater than the enjoyment I would have gotten out of it. See, I’m unemployed and living with my dad in what more or less amounts to his storage room, sleeping on a mattress on the floor because my bed can’t actually fit. Just to give you an idea of how little space I have to work with.
Add to that the fact that I do not have an actual desk to sit at, meaning I sit on the floor when using my laptop, and having to store my clothes on top of boxes just so I don’t have them on the floor and you can sort of see that I simply do not have the amount of space that I would need to make videos on a regular basis.
Furthermore, I only have enough money to make my life go around.

But all of that will change eventually and I could get back to making videos. Will I? See, there’s the issue.

I studied game design for three years and it’s very much the thing that I want to do in the future. To that end I’m currently trying to start up my own studio so I can make what I want to do. Selfish, I know, but it’s kind of my dream.We’re already designing and prototyping and concepting a game that we want to make and with any luck you won’t have to wait much longer for the first taste.
I’m currently in the process of learning the ins and outs of the engine of our choice (Adventure Game Studio) so you’ll at least get a shitty adventure game with graphics from paint… so, yeah, look forward to that!

I’m sure I’ll come up with more stuff to write soon but for now, just know… that I’m not thinking about you. And stay tuned for more news about… well, anything, really.

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